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Fraud Detection and Risk Mitigation
Transecute has developed pioneering solutions in the area of Online Transaction Fraud Detection and Risk Mitigation. Transecute has accumulated several years of experience in studying types of Credit Card Fraud. We have a developed a unique Heuristic Fraud Detection and Prevention technique. Additionally, efforts are on towards other industry standards such as AVS, and 3DS to further minimise credit card fraud.
Branding and Customisation
Unlike other Payment Gateways, with Transecute you as a Merchant are in control of what your Customer sees at all the stages of a transaction. Transecute provides an easy to use Web based interface, from where you can customise all the payment pages to look exactly like your own website, so that your Customer enjoys a transparent shopping experience
Transaction Support
Transecute supports all VISA/Mastercard Card transactions. Cards issued Worldwide can be used on our Gateway. The next release also allows transactions using Amex, Discover, Novus, Bank Accounts, e-Checks, multiple currencies and more. Various transaction modes such as Auth-Capture, Refund, Sale, etc. are supported for CC transactions. Transecute is also the only Gateway to allow Anytime Withdrawal of your balance.
Next to Fraud Detection if there is anything else that we excel at, it is, in our integration process. Maintaining a perfect balance between security, and ease-of-implementation, we have readymade integration kits in ASP, PHP, JSP and a process that takes less than an hour to get online and live.
Transecute manages the security of the transaction for your Customers transparently. You do not require to invest in an expensive Digital Certificate. Additionally, Transecute is the ONLY Payment Gateway to use a symmetric key based checksum algorithm to exchange data between your website and ours. This ensures complete security of transaction while at the same time provides an easy-integration mechanism as opposed to Socket based APIs.Transecute has implemented end-to-end security to ensure that your Customers have a safe, secure and smooth online experience.
Merchant MIS Interface
We have a comprehensive online easy-to-use Merchant Backoffice interface. Our interface allows you as a Merchant to change your settings, view your transactions, configure your preferences and a lot more. Our next version will allow you to import and export the entire Transaction data into your own Accounting Package, thus, automating your business processes. The Merchant interface also allows you to manage your Branding, Security, and Fraud Detection parameters and settings.
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